Arrived safely

Flight was uneventful.  Am still trying to figure out why the airline I was on is called Air Canada Jazz…when clearly there was no jazz playing, in fact, there was no music at all.  Just a plain ole plane.  Was the first time I sat in the very last seat, numbered 13, no less.

Arrived safely, had a heck of a time navigating the transportation.  Registered and received all my materials.  Found that I will also be participating in “chaplain capacity”.  (they sure are getting their money’s worth).  My “accommodations” are a bit getting used to, but I am sure that by the morning all will be okay.  I definitely will not be spending any more time that necessary.  Showers in the hall, as well as the bathroom.  Not sure I want to see what it looks like. 

Tomorrow everything starts.  Just had a bite to eat at a restaurant down the street.  And am now sitting in an internet cafe.

costing me a few pesos…..gotta go..


One response to “Arrived safely

  1. Hun, the pesos are worth it.
    Can’t do without ya!


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