Soft as a baby’s bottom

got up real up close on bill clinton today.  he and bill gates were on a discussion panel this morning.  Got a few photos, and got to shake his hand at the end.  Smooth….

walked around today and got a photo with John Salley.  More on that story later when I have the photo to post…it was funny.  I didn’t know who the guy was.  Had to walk up to him and ask him.  Must’ve done a lot for his ego! 

The interview is tomorrow morning at 10.00.  Nervous about it, but time to put my money where my mouth is.  Can’t expect stigma to go away, if I don’t do anything about it.  More on that later also.

check y’all later!


3 responses to “Soft as a baby’s bottom

  1. Haha…. thought you would be near.

    Tell us more about the interview.

    I hope it goes great!


  2. Bill Clinton and Bill Gates how lucky can you get?

  3. Wow! Then again, I would much rather shake Bill Clinton’s hand. 😀 Can’t wait for you to get back!!!

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