I’m Sorry Judy..


(Judy is the one on the left)

I helped facilitate our workshop “Are you dealing with a full deck?”, with the Bishop from the Central Diocese in South Africa (Bishop Phaswana). I already told you that I knew Bishop Phaswana from meeting him in South Africa in 2004. While he was giving his part of the presentation, he talked about the amount of women that began the support, and he mentioned that many of them had died. This took me by surprise (I don’t know why)..but when he sat down and another presenter began talking, I was scribbling names and nudging him to look. He would look at the name and give me either a thumbs up or a thumbs down, depending upon whether that person was still alive. When I mentioned “Judy” he gave me a thumbs down, and my heart sank. Judy was one of the three women I bonded with in the support group. Judy was the bold/suspicious one who asked me about my lifestyle before Christ. Judy was the one that had come back from death’s door. Judy was the one who told me that she needed some “Diflucan”. She couldn’t afford it, and I had a few bottles in my room. I took her to my room and offered her whatever medicines I had. Judy was the one who I gave a pair of thongs (yes, they were brand new). My stuff was all over the room and she was picking stuff up and giggling, so I gave her a pair. Judy ran back and showed them to the other girls. Judy would’ve been my home-girl in another place and time. She had a tough exterior to her. I am sorry that she died. I am sorry that I did not keep in contact like I promised.


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