Women/Girl’s March


We took to the streets one morning. AIDS Action for Women and Girls. Before we marched, different women spoke about the need to be more proactive in their treatment and decision making. It was a rally to protect girls and women that are affected and infected. Louiseb Binder (an activist and woman living with the virus since the early 80’s) said in short:

“Violence against women and girls, poverty, lack of education and housing, and lack of property rights, all fuel HIV/AIDS infection rates among women and girls. HIV positive women’s human rights are also regularly violated.”




There are some places and societies where women do not have any say so in whether or not their sexual partner uses condoms or not. These women fall prey to infection by unfaithful partners.

I believe it was Pastor Gideon that told us a story about a woman, who faithfully saved herself for her wedding night, only to be infected by her husband, develop AIDS and died. This woman could’ve very well been protected had her husband used a condom.

Scientists are now working on something called microbicides. These are basically female condoms and cervical barriers that would put the protection in the woman’s hands.

The night that Bill and Melinda Gates spoke, Bill said something that was very powerful. He said: “A woman should never need her partner’s permission to save her own life…”



One response to “Women/Girl’s March

  1. Yes, I heard Clinton say that too and it has been in my mind ever since.

    What I also see as improtant for women is that they have full choice about whatever in their lives. No husbands, men, other women or society pushing them.
    Here women are forced to work…on a psychological and financial level. Their kids are going to daycare. Now one of the political parties wants children to be forced to go to school at age 3. I’m not sure if that will reach to law, but it sure makes clear how unimportant the role of the mother has become.
    It’s in our power to make our children aware of HIV/AIDS, to make them into responsible people. We can do so because they respect us, see us as a role-model and because they trust us with their lives. We create homes to feel safe.

    I have no money for myself at all, I have no provate space in the house, I have been nowhere during this whole vacation than one street further to water the plants at a house of a “friend”, and the dentist, (You don’t hear me complain about him, he’s cute and spreads rest around him), but I have the time and the rest to sit down with my kids and talk about safe sex and everything else in the world.

    We women still have to work a lot on being independent, because I don’t think it’s about being independent financially, but being independent in making choices.

    You go girl. I snatched the photo….***running***

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