Fear and Loathing..

One more day of doing absolutely nothing, and so my son is doing what he does best: playing “Madden 2007”, while I am on the floor surfing away. I am thinking ahead of when I have to preach in November at an AIDS Day service, and so looking at things, hoping that the Holy Spirit may give me a nudge in which direction I am going.

I believe I already have a little idea of what I want to do…being that my work is going to be around the issues of “stigma and discrimination”. I don’t know what the congregational make-up is, I do know that a lot of seminary students and professors will more than likely be there. It is going to be a healing service. Instead of the usual healing service that usually entails healing for those that are affected or infected, I think I will turn it into a healing service for those that are negative and choose to harbor negative feelings towards those with the virus. A service that will call for the healing of people that are sitting comfortably in their homes, and cars –while others are suffering.

Anyway, during my surfing..I found this short little tape. It is really quite good. Check it out..it is called: Fear and Loathing.

If you had to choose, which character would you be…truthfully???

I used to be like the one who couldn’t wait to blab her big mouth about seeing Maria come out of the clinic. That is, until I became Maria….


One response to “Fear and Loathing..

  1. I hope it is a healing service. That would be the best for all, wouldn’t it? I liked the film, it made its point quite well and I felt for Maria.

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