HIV and Sex Workers



Yesterday, I wore my “sex-workers” shirt. I had worn it before, but for some reason, yesterday was the day that I got comments. And who better than a woman on campus whom I believe to be conservative. I may be wrong. Anyway, I was entering the building, she saw me and commented on my shirt. I was with my son, and when she complimented how much she liked the shirt and the color, I said: “thank you, it is a prostitute” . My son giggled and went on in the building, he was probably thinking “oh lord, why did that woman say something about that shirt…now Mom is going to give her the prostitute talk. 🙂

And he was right! It is interesting. Being in seminary, almost ordained..and totally understanding why prostitutes (I mean sex-workers) need human rights and worker rights. Now, I am not saying that I condone what they do. But I do understand that in some cultures and societies, that is the only way of survival.

At the conference, there were actual sex workers from Amsterdam that didn’t speak any english and a translator had to be used.  She spoke about their life, and how people think that it is a life of luxury.  She said something that really made a lot of sense:  Sex is not going anywhere.  She said that if you treat sex workers and protect sex workers, then in actuality, you are really protecting the “wife or the girlfriend’.  Makes a lot of sense to me.

Now, how do you preach that from the pulpit?  🙂


4 responses to “HIV and Sex Workers

  1. You’ve done it again! Amazing article!

  2. Heh I’m literally the only reply to your amazing post!?

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