Wow…we are all over the place!

Just got an email with the link to the World AIDS Campaign website. It has photos from the Interfaith HIV Conference that was held this past August. I am still clicking through all the links and remembering all the faces…

What have you been up to? Keeping your promise? I am keeping my promise, and have gotten off to a slow start. Am gearing up for a busy period the end of November and beginning of December. Have 4 preaching engagements about HIV/AIDS…pretty excited about that…would be more excited if I had a clue as to what I am going to preach about (depending upon the readings for those days)…

I have been pretty busy, and have almost forgotten about this blog. Didn’t get to tell you guys that a professional photographer that does work for The Lutheran Magazine came the beginning of October and did a photo-shoot of me in the refectory for an article they are doing on me for the December issue of The Lutheran. What started of as a little news blurb by the Chicago office of the ELCA, snowballed into a magazine article. So, I am pretty stoked about that, but will just be glad when it is published and out there, so I can get the reactions.

Will try to keep this updated more often….take care…and don’t forget to keep the promise!


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